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Valves are an indispensable element of any engineering machinery. They come in wide variety depending on the application of the industry such as co-axial valves, high pressure solenoid valves, coolant valves, special valves and more. Coolant bypass valve for machine tool, special valves for power plants, solenoid valves for abrasive media or high pressure solenoid valves.

Muller Co-ax Ag based in Forchtenberg Germany a more than 50 year old company are the pioneers for the development and manufacturing of co-axial valve and is a household name for engineering applications.

Omkar Supranational and Co-ax Ag

Sole authorized distributors and suppliers in India, since 2010
Choose from over 30,000 variants and designs
Serving applications in machine tools, power plants, steel industry. etc

Co-axial valves decisive advantages:

  • Pressure balanced design/operating from 0 bar
  • Back pressure tight
  • Maintenance free/resistant to dirt
  • Fast actuation
  • Bi-directional operation
  • Compact size

URL: https://www.omkarsupra.com/muller-co-ax.php

Taisei Kogyo

Filtration is an extremely crucial part for effective and efficient functioning of any mechanical system. Our principal M/S Taisei Kogyo, Japan is a reputed and a very well established name in the manufacturing of high quality hydraulic oil filters and have been in this sector since last more than 50 years. Taisei manufactures all types of hydraulic oil Filters including Suction, in-line, Cartridge as well as duplex Filters.

Omkar Supranational and Taisei Kogyo

  • Pan India, exclusive dealership since 2013
  • Over 5,000 filters supplied in 6 years
  • Filters for 1 Um to 5 Um

Taisei Kogyo Japan is also an established name for production of Heat exchangers/chillers. Shell & Tube type as well as Air cooled type heat Exchangers from the house of Taisei are used worldwide and are also popular in Indian industry.

  • Heat Exchanger with 28 fins/inch
  • Smallest diameter for Heat Exchangers

URL: https://www.omkarsupra.com/taisei-kogyo.php


“Quadax Valves” is a daughter company of Muller Co-ax ag, Germany and is recognised as a clear symbol of innovation and Quality. Since its inception in the year 2009, the valves have served almost every industry including air separation, power plant, cryogenic to aerospace industry.

Omkar Supranational and Quadax Valves

  • Associated as a PAN India distributor with this unique product since its inception in 2009
  • Serving niche and critical applications from power plants, Oil & Gas to Air separation plants

Quadax valve-4 offset butterfly valve is a unique patented design and in itself. Quadax meets the highest tightness requirements even under extreme conditions, ranging from -270 to 800°C.

URL: https://www.omkarsupra.com/quadax.php

Toyo oki

Toyo-oki Kogyo Co. Ltd, Japan are manufacturers of intelligent fluid power systems. The products are based on hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Omkar Supranational and Toyo-oki Kogyo

  • Pan India exclusive dealership agreement, since 2010
  • Imported Spares for Toyoda AIDA Press, Hishinuma, Shinojuka, Simpac, Kitamura etc.
  • Products include vane and piston pumps, Gear Pumps, Pressure, Direction and flow control valves and multi-dry filters

Toyo-oki hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps, as well as multi dry filters are being widely used in the Indian market. Typically, these valves support support machine tools and are a very popular choice for hydraulic systems. These high precision hydraulic valves and hydraulic pumps from Toyooki Kogyo are available in various models ranging from a selection of displacement, number of pistons, valve type and so on.

Many Japanese make machines such as Amada, AIDA, TOYODA, KTIMVRA etc, use Toyo-oki as well as Taisei products.

Advantages of the quadruple design:-

  • Zero leakage under any conditions
  • Oxygen approved up to 300 bars and 550°C.
  • No wear and friction free
  • Bidirectional in operation

Complete support for high-end imported spare parts - from identifying the right spare part to delivery at your doorstep >> Enquire Here for Response in One Day or less

URL: https://www.omkarsupra.com/toyo-oki.php


Disc springs have wide engineering applications in machine tools, valves, wind turbines, slip clutches, piston return springs, overload clutches and spring actuated brakes. Mubea is a name synonymous with ‘spring technology’ leading the Belleville disc springs or Belleville washers market for over 40 years.

Omkar Supranational and Mubea

  • Authorized Distributor since 2006
  • Springs as per DIN Stadand 2093
  • One-to-one replacement for Mx. Schnorr make

As the authorized disc springs distributor in India for Mubea products, we cater to a premium customer base and the entire landscape covering power station, energy storage, machine tools and cable grip industries. The conically formed angular discs, loaded in the axial direction come in many varieties - conventional disc springs, slotted disc springs, wave springs, disc spring stacks and special springs. As the distributors of Mubea disc springs in India, we supply and market all sizes of disc springs up to 600mm diameter. All these disc springs are manufactured as per German standard — DIN 2093.

URL: https://www.omkarsupra.com/mubea.php


Vacuum components especially vacuum pump play an extremely crucial role in wide number of industries. Our associates General Europe Vacuum (GEV), Italy an organization born from 20 years of experience are manufacturers of a comprehensive range of oil-less and lubricated vanes vacuum pumps with capacities ranging from 3 to 800 m3/h in addition to custom made vacuum plants.

GEV, Italy vacuum pumps are installed in many industrial sectors especially in power, chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

URL: https://www.omkarsupra.com/general-europe-vacuum.php

Menzel Metallchemie

Lubrication being an extremely important part of a CNC machine, targeted, effective and waste-less lubrication ensures an improved performance and productivity. Menzel Metallchemie, a Kuchen-Germany based company are the manufacturers responsible to disrupt the machine lubrication technology.

Menzel- a well-known name for sophisticated CNC machine manufacturers/OEM’s as well as machine users, manufactures products such as Indutec MS – a complete lubricant tank and spray system and Induoil – a 100% residue free high-performance lubrication oil.

We as their sole distributors on PAN India basis and can effectively cater to both Minimum Quantity lubrication (MQL) systems and also lubricant oil requirements.

URL: https://www.omkarsupra.com/menzel-metallchemie.php

Roehm Gmbh

Roehm Gmbh is a very well know an established name on worldwide basis specifically for tool clamping and work holding products. Roehm Gmbh founded in 1909, and the main factory and headquarters in Sontheim, Germany has developed a very wide and comprehensive range of products suitable for machine applications.

Roehm Gmbh products offer a much higher competitive advantage upon the aspects of accuracy, precision and technical superiority in comparison with any other brand in the market. We are their authorized distributors and suppliers for the complete product range on PAN India basis.

URL: https://www.omkarsupra.com/roehm-gmbh.php
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