MP Filtri Filters

A European veteran in the field of industrial filters, MP Filtri has been a very well-known Italian name for reliable and quality filtration solutions and products.

We can offer one to one replacement for any amongst the complete range of products from MP Filtri that includes strainers, complete line filter assembly and line filter elements depending upon the requirement.

1. Suction filters & strainers

Suction filters are placed below oil level to the suction line pump. They are installed in order to protect the downstream pump from contamination.

MP Filtri suction filter types :
STR-MPA-MPM SFEX ELIXIR Series SF2 250-350 , Semi submerged filter
Sizes : 3/8” to 3” Sizes : ¾” to 1 ¼” Sizes : 1” to 3”
Q max : 1000 l/min Q max : 100 l/min Q max : 160 l/min

2. Return filters

Return filters are mounted to the reservoirs in the semi submerged position. Function of the return filters is to remove the contaminants generated from the whole circuit and to supply purified fluid back to the reservoir.

MP Filtri return filter types :
P max 16 bar P max 8 bar P max 10 bar
Q max 260 l/min Q max 200 l/min Q max 1800 l/min

3. In - Line filters

Mounted on the pressure line of the hydraulic system, In-line filters are required to protect the important control or actuating parts of the systems such as valves, pumps and motors.

MP Filtri in-line filter types :
LFEX ELIXIR series LMP Multiport series LMP series
P max 16 bar P max 80 bar P max 60 bar
Q max 300 l/min Q max 175 l/min Q max 365 l/min

4. Spin-on filters

Spin-on filter is an additional option type provided by MP Filtri to protect individual pumps, valves or complete hydraulic circuit. They can be used as in-line, suction line or return filters.

MPS series MSH series
Element material : cellulose, wire mesh, micro fiber Element material : cellulose, wire mesh, micro fiber
P max 12 bar Pmax 35 bar
Q max 365 l/min Q max 195 l/min

5. Manifold filters

Manifold filters from MP Filtri are design in order to withstand high pressure and the sizes vary depending on the flow rate required.

FHM series FHB series FHF 325
P max 320 bar P max 320 bar P max 350 bar
Q max 400 l/min Q max 485 l/min Q max 550 l/min

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